Top 5 Places to Visit on a Greece Vacation

Amazing Place in Greece

The high season in Greece is between June and mid-September. This is when you can expect the best weather and a large number of visitors. It is also the time that hotel prices and car rentals are at their highest. If you’re looking to get away from the crowds, avoid this time of year.


Take your Greece Vacation in Athens.
Amazing View of Athens

If you’re considering a Greece vacation, one of the top vacation places to visit would be Athens. This historic city is not only the capital of Greece, but was the heart of Ancient Greece, a powerful civilization and empire. Many of the city’s landmarks, including the Parthenon and the Acropolis, are still in place today. The Acropolis is a hill that sits atop the city’s CBD, topped by the colonnaded Parthenon temple. It also contains the National Archaeological Museum, which preserves artifacts from Ancient Greece.

When planning your Greece vacation in Athens, it’s important to understand the Greek culture and how to act appropriately. The locals are known for their hospitality and are very friendly toward visitors, so knowing a little Greek etiquette can go a long way in helping you feel more comfortable and blend in.

During your Greece vacation in Athens, you should consider taking a walking tour of the city. The city center has a three-kilometer-long pedestrian zone, which is the largest in Europe. By walking around the pedestrian zone, you can view the Acropolis, the Plaka district, and people-watch in Syntagma Square without worrying about traffic.

If you’re planning a Greece vacation in Athens, consider spending two or three days exploring the city. This is the optimal amount of time to spend in the city. If you’re a first-time visitor to Athens, it’s important to plan your trip accordingly.

Athens is the capital city of Greece and also the birthplace of civilization. The city was home to many famous philosophers and artists. It also became the center of ancient Greek democracy, which influenced political systems around the world. The most important historical landmarks in Athens include the Acropolis, which is the city’s CBD. The Acropolis is also home to the National Archaeological Museum, which preserves artifacts from the Ancient Greek period.


Amazing View of Santorini

Located in the Aegean Sea, Santorini is one of the Cyclades islands. The island was devastated by a massive volcanic eruption in the 16th century BC, leaving it with a rugged landscape. Today, the principal towns overlook the sea, which features black, red, and white lava pebble beaches.

If you’re planning to visit Santorini, Greece, it’s best to visit the island between April and November, when temperatures are most pleasant and rainfall is at its lowest. The most popular months to visit Santorini are July and August, but these months can also be expensive. For an affordable, stress-free vacation, consider visiting the island during one of the shoulder seasons, which last from late April till June and late September to early November.

After arriving in Athens, transfer to your luxury hotel in Santorini. After acclimating, explore the island and enjoy the picturesque sunsets. Then, head to one of the numerous restaurants and wineries and enjoy the delicious local cuisine. If you like wine, Santorini is the place for you.

Santorini is an archetypal Greek island. Its large lagoon and steep cliffs are the result of a massive volcanic eruption. Today, the island is the only island in the world with a sea-based crater. Its last major eruption took place around 3,600 years ago.

If you’re planning to spend a few days on Santorini, make sure to check out the town of Oia. This village is situated on the northwest end of the island and is less touristy than Fira. It’s a great place to watch the famous sunset, but you’ll need to visit early if you want to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.


Meteora Drone View

To visit Meteora, Greece, you can take a day trip from Athens or the nearby Thessaloniki. You can also take a slow regional train to get to Meteora. The town of Kalambaka is a base for Meteora visitors. You can arrive to the town by car or train and decide how long you want to spend in the town. There are many things to do in Meteora and you can also rent a car to explore the area.

If you are interested in taking pictures of the Meteora monasteries, you should go on a Meteora sunset tour. The tour includes a pick-up from your hotel and entrance to all six monasteries. This full-day tour from Athens is the most common way to reach Meteora.

When planning your Meteora vacation, choose a time of year when it is not too busy. If you visit in the shoulder season, you can avoid the crowds and enjoy a more comfortable climate. Spring and autumn are the best times to see the landscape in full color. If you are staying in a hotel, choose one that has easy access to the sights and restaurants.

If you have time to spare, you can hike the monasteries and landscape surrounding Meteora. Hiking will give you the feeling of being remote, while also allowing you to see hidden landscape features. Hiking is one of the best Meteora, Greece vacation tips. You can easily see the monasteries in one day, but you can do more exploring on two days.

You can reach Meteora by car or train. However, you should keep in mind that it is often more crowded during the summer. In addition, you may have to compete with other travelers for restaurant seats and hotel rooms. For this reason, you should consider visiting Meteora during shoulder seasons, such as late spring or autumn. However, it should be noted that Meteora is less crowded during winter and national holidays, as most businesses are closed.


Delphi Montains View

Delphi, Greece vacation packages offer a chance to visit one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece. Since 1972, Delphi has been a Unesco World Heritage Site. During your visit, you’ll have the opportunity to bow down before nature and mankind, and to explore your own deeper self. This ancient city is rich with spiritual energy and is a great place to tap into this energy.

To get to Delphi, you can take a day trip from Athens. However, Delphi is an area with many attractions that warrant a longer visit. While it’s possible to explore the city in a day, you’ll likely be better off staying overnight. There’s plenty of accommodation in Delphi, as well as nearby towns, such as Itea, Galaxidi, and Nafpaktos. Even in the colder months, you can book a place to stay in one of these towns, as well.

Another option for getting to Delphi from Athens is to take the bus. Although this method may take a little longer, it’s less expensive than taking a taxi. Buses usually leave at a certain time and may be full, so be sure to book early. You can find the bus schedule online. There are also yellow taxis in Athens that can take you to Delphi. These taxis are private, but they can be a convenient way to travel around town.

While you’re in Delphi, you’ll want to visit the Temple of Apollo, which dates back to the 7th century B.C. It features a series of limestone columns in the Doric architectural style. Other notable buildings in Delphi include the Treasury of the Athenians and the Roman theater, which overlooks imposing mountains. You can also visit the ruins of Tholos and the Archaeological Museum, which is home to a fascinating collection of ancient Greek mythology.

Ionian Islands

Ionian Islands

The Ionian Islands are a group of islands in the Ionian Sea. They make up the Ionian Islands Region, one of thirteen administrative regions of Greece. The region includes all the islands within its boundaries. Formerly, the Ionian Islands region included Kythera, but it was later separated and integrated into the Attica Region.

The Ionian Islands are cooler than the other islands in the Aegean and they are generally greener. There are extensive stretches of olive groves, vineyards, and citrus trees. The islands receive more rainfall than the rest of Greece, which helps explain the lush vegetation. The best time to visit the Ionian Islands is between July and August, but the less-attractive months are November and April.

One of the largest and most populated of the Ionian Islands is Corfu. In Greek, it is known as Kerkyra, and is the second-most-populated of the group. The island has a unique charm and cosmopolitan vibe, which complements its incredible architecture and natural beauty. Corfu is home to Corfu Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Its Old Town features an amalgam of Venetian Castles and Venetian Palaces, as well as many ancient buildings. It has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece, with hundreds of things to do.

Another beautiful island in the Ionian Islands is Ithaca. Its irregular shape is ideal for relaxing vacations. The island is dotted with beautiful beaches. Vathy, the capital town, is situated on the south side. There are folklore and archaeological museums located here.