Top 5 Summer Vacation Places – Beach Edition

Summer Vacation Places - Amazing View of Summer and Beach

If you want to escape the crowds this summer you should be considering the Summer Vacation Places to visit. Beach vacations don’t have to be expensive. Here are five great spots in the USA for an uncrowded summer vacation. You can choose from Koh Samui, Sanibel Island, Myrtle Beach, or the Outer Banks.

Koh Samui

Whether you’re looking for a quiet, laid-back place to unwind after a hard day of sightseeing, or an exciting nightlife experience, Koh Samui has it all. Several beaches offer different amenities, such as spas, water sports, and fine dining. And you can find accommodations ranging from family-friendly accommodations to luxurious boutiques.

Koh Samui is Thailand’s second-largest island, off the coast of the Kra Isthmus. It’s famous for its pristine white sand beaches and crystal-clear water and is a popular tourist destination. The 50-kilometer ring road allows you to travel the island easily in less than an hour.

The most popular Koh Samui beach is Chaweng. While Chaweng offers an incredible nightlife scene, the ambiance at Lamai is far more relaxed. Lamai Beach is often quieter than Chaweng and is perfect for families or couples. The beaches here have plenty of restaurants and bars, and the accommodations are excellent.

Koh Samui’s beautiful beaches are worth the trip if you are looking for a laid-back summer vacation destination. The island’s weather is ideal for swimming, and you can stay in luxurious villas or affordable bungalows at the Beach. While planning is essential, the best time to visit is between February and April.

The island is home to many attractions, including the Namuang Waterfall and the temple at Wat Plai Laem. Although most people come to Koh Samui for the Beach, you will want to experience the other attractions here.

There are plenty of places to visit along the way, from luxury resorts to backpackers’ hostels. In addition, the island offers cheap street food, which makes it an affordable option for those who can’t afford five-star hotels.

Koh Samui is the second largest island in Thailand. It is located in the Gulf of Thailand and is famous for its white sand beaches and lush mountain forests. The island is home to over 40,000 people, making it one of Thailand’s most popular vacation spots.

Sanibel Island

If you’re looking for a family-friendly vacation spot in Florida, Sanibel Island is for you. The island is famous for its vibrant shelling opportunities, and its small-town atmosphere makes it the perfect destination for families.

It’s also close to other attractions like the JN Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge and Captiva Island State Park. Plus, you can check out the historic Sanibel Island Lighthouse.

While summer is typically less crowded than spring, it’s still an excellent time to visit Sanibel Island. Although it can be hot, the weather is usually mild, and mid-day storms are rare. Sanibel is not overly crowded during this time, and there are plenty of activities to keep you occupied.

You’ll find that the island offers a wide range of activities, including shelling year-round. The island also features excellent beaches and many kid-friendly activities.

For instance, kids can enjoy kayaking, cycling, and dolphin spotting. There’s also a sea school that offers classes for kids. And remember to visit the local farmers’ market, where locals sell fresh organic produce.

Sanibel’s famous lighthouse cafĂ© serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It also offers a daily special, and its savory and sweet dishes are sure to please any palette. The Lighthouse Cafe also provides a surf-and-turf menu and is open during winter.

Sanibel Island is known for its beaches. Bowman’s Beach is open from 7am to 7pm. With restrooms, picnic tables, and grills for cooking year-round food, the Beach is perfect for families. It’s also near the J.N. Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge, so you can learn much about the area’s wildlife.

Myrtle Beach

The summer season in Myrtle Beach is one of the most beautiful times to visit the Beach. The summer temperatures are ideal for enjoying the many summer activities on the island.

There are, however, some drawbacks that you should take into consideration. For example, the Beach is usually crowded, and the price of lodging can be pretty high. The Beach is also susceptible to hurricanes, but the chances of being hit by one are meager.

Apart from the beaches, Myrtle Beach also has other fun activities for the entire family. There are many restaurants and entertainment spots here. Families can enjoy activities like Movies Under the Stars, which play every Friday night until June 29. Several family-friendly events take place at the Market Common.

One such event is the Concert on the Green, which features live music performed by a band. Another family-friendly option is the Tanger Outlets, which are close to the Beach.

Myrtle Beach is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an affordable summer vacation spot. There are several accessible beaches to choose from in the area, each with unique characteristics. It’s possible to visit several beaches on the same day. And if you plan to travel with your family, booking a hotel at one of the Myrtle Beach resorts is ideal.

Myrtle Beach is a small coastal town home to dozens of small beaches and many local restaurants. It’s the perfect place for a family beach vacation. It hosts many famous events, such as the Carolina Country Music Festival, Myrtle Beach World Amateur Golf Tournament, and 4th of July parties.

Besides relaxing on the Beach, you’ll find plenty of water activities in Myrtle Beach, including swimming, jet skiing, and scuba diving.

Outer Banks

If you’re in the market for a summer vacation, consider visiting the Outer Banks, a series of barrier islands off the coast of North Carolina. These islands separate the Atlantic Ocean from the mainland.

They are known for their open sea beaches, shipwreck diving sites, and state parks. The area is also a historic site and is home to the first English settlement in the New World, Roanoke Island, sponsored by Sir Walter Raleigh.

Summer is the most popular time to visit the Outer Banks. Temperatures hover in the mid-seventies, making for comfortable beachgoing conditions. For nature lovers and those who seek quiet solitude, the Outer Banks is the perfect destination. The area is also home to some of the most affordable hotel and rental home rates.

In addition to the quiet beaches, the Outer Banks offers a wide variety of activities that will keep you busy and happy. While the Beach is the main draw, other attractions include horseback riding, hang gliding, and water sports. Exploring shipwrecks is also a popular pastime. You can also take in the Wright Brothers National Memorial and Jockey’s Ridge State Park in Nags Head.

In addition to the beaches, visitors can visit the Wright Brothers National Memorial to learn more about the history of air travel. The park has self-guided tours as well as ranger-led tours. For those interested in a few ghost stories, you can try OBX Ghost tours. These tours are conducted by lanterns and even include ghost detectors.

If you enjoy fishing, the Outer Banks is also an excellent destination. There are numerous public piers and fishing spots along the Beach. Jennette’s Pier in Nags Head is one of the longest public piers in the state. The dock also offers spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean and a small aquarium.

Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach is located in Oregon, on the Pacific Coast, in the northwest corner of the state. Its most prominent landmark is the 235-foot Haystack Rock. It’s usually surrounded by the shallow waters of the Pacific, but you can walk to the top on a low tide. The government protects this rocky outcrop, so you can stroll on the top without getting wet.

This small town is home to many artistic and cultural activities. Its Earth and Ocean Festival showcases artwork exploring the Oregon coast’s natural beauty. It also hosts the Stormy Weather Arts Festival, which features gallery walks, live music, and other activities.

And if you’re looking for an entertainment experience, Cannon Beach is also home to a playhouse. The Coaster Theatre Playhouse performs Shakespeare adaptations in a nearby park during the summer. And in the winter, it puts on the classic “A Christmas Carol.”

The Cannon Beach area has several unique restaurants and pubs. Public Coast, the local brewery, and a local chocolatier provide a wide variety of food options. The town’s restaurants feature everything from seafood to pizza to vegetarian fare and comfort food.

Another unique feature of Cannon Beach is the 235-foot Haystack Rock, which sits just offshore. This natural landmark is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Cannon Beach. It is located a mere two miles south of downtown. The view from Haystack Rock from this site is breathtaking, and the Beach is perfect for sunbathing.

Visitors to Cannon Beach should attend the Cannon Beach History Center and Museum, which preserves the town’s past. The center also houses an extensive collection of the area’s old pictures and oral histories.