Amazing People We Meet on Vacation

People We Meet on Vacation

The people we meet on vacation can be anyone. We may not know who they are or have much in common, but they may fall in love on our vacation. If you are looking for a good read, try People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry. It’s scheduled to be published by Berkley Books on May 11, 2021.

Poppy and Alex are best friends

People We Meet on Vacation
People and Alex “best friends” 🙂

Alex and Poppy are best friends, but their friendship is threatened when Alex accidentally sees a job ad on Poppy’s laptop. Alex is applying for a teaching position in New York. Although Poppy is excited about the prospect of living in the city, Alex warns her against it. Alex is worried that Poppy will leave her girlfriend, Sarah, and move to New York.

When Poppy drops out of college and starts working at her dream job, she decides to move away from her hometown. To make up for the gap, she and Alex decide to go on a vacation every year together. Over the years, the trips become a highlight of their friendship. They’ve gone to Tuscany, Sanibel Island, and Nashville. The last time they met, they’d been to Sanibel Island, but this year they’ve decided to go on a trip again.

Alex and Poppy are the kind of friends who are not afraid to talk about their feelings. Their friendship has been around for ten years and they are still close. While their parents are worried that Alex and Poppy might get too close, Poppy is relieved. Their parents aren’t even aware that Alex and Poppy are in a relationship.

They have nothing in common

There are times when we meet people on vacation and realize that we have absolutely nothing in common with them. In this scenario, you may find yourself wondering if these people are even worth chatting with. You might have to look up the definition of “nothing in common” and decide for yourself if these people have anything in common with you.

While it’s true that opposites attract, this film fails to prove that opposites do not always attract. In the real world, people who have no common interest can become best friends, and people who have not spoken to each other in two years can become lovers. Nonetheless, this film is not without its share of clichés, including the grumpy x sunny dynamic, the oh no, only one bed trope, and the slow burn of longing and wistful yearning.

They fall in love on vacation

In the movie “People We Meet on Vacation,” two friends Poppy and Alex go on a week-long vacation together every summer. But after a particularly strange trip two years ago, the two have stopped talking. Poppy decides to text Alex and try to convince him to go on one last getaway together. In the process, she hopes to build their friendship again and address her feelings for Alex.

They’ve been best friends since their freshman year of college. They live in different states and have never dated. But they do spend summers together, and each summer, they visit each other’s hometowns. Although they’re complete opposites, they find themselves attracted to each other, and their friendship blossoms into love.

Poppy and Alex are two very different people. Poppy is an extrovert, while Alex is an introvert. Though they share similar interests, they don’t immediately hit it off. But they develop a friendship on the long car ride home from college. Now, they have a tradition of going on vacation together every summer.

You can be whoever you want to be on vacation

When you go on vacation, you can be anyone you want to be. You can strike up conversations with total strangers and never see them again. Or you can be completely honest with yourself and say that you’re not interested in meeting new people. Sometimes the weather forces you into a situation.

Their relationship is written in the stars

The film follows two best friends, Poppy and Alex, who have been going on summer vacations together for the past decade. They met when they were both attending college, and their relationship started off as friends. But, two years ago, they suddenly stopped talking. This year, Poppy, who works as a travel writer for a travel magazine, reaches out to Alex and asks him to join her in Palm Springs for their annual vacation.

Alex and Poppy met in college, when they shared a car for the summer. They started going on summer vacations together, and eventually reconnected by sharing a car ride. Because they live in different towns, they missed one vacation a year, but now, they make up for it.

Alex and Poppy have never had a romantic relationship. Although they are friends, they are very different people. Poppy is an extrovert while Alex is an introvert. Initially, they don’t click right away, but eventually, their friendship turns into something more.


People We Meet on Vacation is a book by Emily Henry. The author explains that she met Alex Nilsen when they both were students at the University of Chicago. After graduating, they became friends and eventually romantic partners. The story begins with Poppy at age 30, estranged from her best friend Alex for two years. The book follows a dual timeline, with one strand relating Poppy’s realization that she wants to see Alex again while the other traces the history of vacations they have taken together in the past.

Before booking a vacation, travelers should consider why they are taking the trip. This can help to reduce negative expectations. When setting expectations, travelers should ask themselves, “Do I really want to do this?” If they were really motivated, they wouldn’t need to resort to social pressure to make them do something.

Poppy and Alex are two friends from college who meet on vacation every year. They spend every summer together, but then a miscommunication throws everything on pause. Two years later, they meet again and reconnect. The vacation has become an annual event for them. While they are not romantically involved, they’ve remained friends and continue to take the trip every summer.


The People We Meet on Vacation is a romantic comedy centered around two friends, Poppy and Alex. Although they are friends, they are fundamentally different. Poppy is loud and rambunctious, while Alex is calm and the voice of reason. Despite their differences, their relationship is strong, and it’s hard to imagine them parting ways.

Poppy is burned out, and feels lost. A friend asks her when she felt happy, and she replies, “Two years ago, on a trip with Alex.” It’s not clear whether the two of them can ever rekindle the magic of friendship, but Poppy is determined to make it work.