Exuma – The Bahamas

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Exuma – The Bahamas is a district of The Bahamas that consists of 365 islands. These islands are also known as cays. The water in this district is pristine and free from pollution. This makes this place a popular destination for beach vacations. The climate in this region is warm and pleasant all year round.

Exuma is a district of The Bahamas.

The Exuma district is a popular vacation destination accessible by boat or car rental. Getting around the islands is easy, and you will find taxis and golf carts, but you will need help to drink and drive here. If you are traveling from another country, you must fill out an entry form to visit Exuma. This process varies slightly depending on the country.

Before the 17th century, the Exumas were home to Lucayan Natives, who settled in the area. A cotton plantation economy thrived in the area, and the room was named George Town after King George III. The Exuma Cays are small islands within the Exuma-Bahamas region.

Each cay has a three-digit suffix number. For example, Exuma 642 and 643 are two adjacent cays. Unfortunately, these islands are being destroyed by erosion and are at risk of disappearing.

The Exumas are made up of over 360 islands. The largest is Great Exuma, connected to its smaller sister island, Little Exuma, by a narrow bridge. The Exuma islands span a distance of 210 km from the capital of Nassau and are world-famous for water sports.

During the American Revolutionary War, the English ruled the islands, and many loyal to England fled to the islands. When they died, Lord John Rolle bequeathed his vast lands to slaves, and they settled there.

While the capital of Nassau is bustling and energetic, Exuma offers a more serene and relaxing environment. This island district is the perfect destination for those who want to relax and unwind while being close to nature.

It is 130 miles (209 km) long.

The Exumas are a chain of oval-shaped islands about 130 miles (209 km) long. They are all connected by small bridges and are accessible only by boat. Still, there are some notable exceptions to this rule. Saddle Cay is one such island near the Exuma chain’s northern tip. Saddle Cay is the perfect place to relax on the beach and experience a setting untouched by modern life. This small island is close to George Town and Elizabeth Harbor.

Exuma’s waters are some of the most beautiful in the world and are famous for water sports. Guests may hire a charter or a fishing guide to enjoy a day on the water. This local industry supports the food supply of the island. You may also see locals fishing from shore or from bridges with handlines.

The journey from Nassau to Exuma is only forty miles long. However, the journey can be bumpy and choppy. Consider sitting near the boat’s center to avoid bumping into the sides. The island chain is also home to lemon and nurse sharks. You should also ask locals about safe places for swimming.

While most of the islands in the Exumas are small and uninhabited, you can still enjoy their natural beauty by exploring a few islands. The Grand Isle Resort & Spa in Emerald Bay has 183 rooms. It is the only hotel on the island of Stocking. It features a mile-long white powder beach and turquoise waters. The property features a snorkeling park for those who wish to explore the seas.

It has 365 islands

The Exuma Islands are a perfect vacation destination in The Bahamas. They display all of the best qualities of a Bahamian island. Visitors to Exuma can enjoy kayaking, scuba diving, snorkeling, and other activities. Kayaking allows visitors to explore some of the islands that are not accessible by road. It is also fun to see the beautiful greenery and rocky terrain.

The Exuma Islands are famous for their translucent aquamarine waters, bordered by pristine powder-white sand beaches. Famous people, including John Depp, have bought some of the islands for their vacations. He fell in love with the islands while filming Pirates of the Caribbean. David Copperfield also purchased Musha Cay, a 150-acre slice of paradise now a luxury resort. With prices starting at under $40 a night, you can visit Musha Cay in style.

Another popular activity in the Exuma islands is fishing. Many visitors hire charters and fishing guides to catch fish, which supports the local economy. Locals enjoy fishing and can often be seen on the shore with a hand line. You can watch locals working on their lines during low tide and catching a catch.

There are a variety of native animals on Exuma, including rock iguanas. While they are not as friendly as domestic pets, they are endangered and should not be handled carelessly.

It has unpolluted water.

Exuma in The Bahamas is the perfect beach destination known for its pristine waters. Its 360 islands are surrounded by clear and unpolluted waters. In fact, the water in Exuma looks like bottled water. Exuma is an excellent destination to visit any time of the year.

Most of the freshwater lenses in Exuma are shallow, located a couple of meters below the land. This makes modern groundwater development impractical. The island’s unique geological history makes the island a natural paradise. There are few other locations with such clean, unpolluted waters.

While tap water in large urban areas of The Bahamas is generally safe to drink, it is still best to purchase bottled water when in doubt. Even if the water in the Bahamas has been chlorinated and is safe to drink, some strains of E. coli can cause diarrhea and illness in people without immunity. A portable water testing kit such as the SipSafer(TM) can help travelers to avoid this problem.

Exuma’s unpolluted water is the best in the entire Bahamas. Many people drink cistern water without any issues, but it’s still best to boil it before you use it. It’s only sometimes possible to know what is in the water, but some people can make their own water purifiers to ensure it’s safe to drink.

It has a land and sea park.

The Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park is a natural and protected area in The Bahamas. It covers the Exuma Cays from Shroud Cay to Bell Cay and includes mangrove communities. On the west side, you’ll find taller scrub.

The Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park were created by the Bahamas National Trust in 1958. The 176-square-mile park includes pristine reefs, a wide variety of marine life, and a multitude of sandy cays. Many visitors come to Exuma for the beautiful scenery and wildlife.

To learn more about the nature and history of the Exuma Cays, visit the Warderick Wells Visitor Center. This is where visitors can pay their mooring fees and pick up information on local attractions. There are also informative displays about the history of the Exuma Cays. In addition, there is a gift shop where you can purchase guidebooks for snorkeling, walking trails, and postcards.

Visitors to Exuma Land and Sea Park can explore several private cays in the park. These cays include Little Hawksbill Cay, Cistern Cay, Little White Bay Cay, and Little Halls Pond Cay, owned by Johnny Depp. Visitors can also board a boat to explore the island.

The Exuma Cays Land & Sea Park is home to many native species. For example, hutias are large rodents native to the Caribbean islands. These critters were considered extinct until 1966, when they were reintroduced to the island. There are also 22 different species of lizards. The park is also home to several species of birds.

It has a natural sunshade.

Exuma has a natural sunshade because of its proximity to the tropic of Cancer. Its north shore is sheltered from the open ocean by Stocking Island, and much of the north shore is also a haven for windsurfing and sailing. In addition to a pristine tropical environment, the island is also home to an active boating community.

The Exumas consist of over 365 islands. They were initially settled by American colonial loyalists during the Revolutionary War. The capital of the island is named after King George III. Exuma is home to many smaller islands and cays that are privately owned. Two adjacent cays, 642 and 643, are suffering from receding shorelines.