Costa Rica Surfing Vacations

Plan to go Costa Rica Surfing Vacation With your Friends

If you’re thinking of taking a Costa Rica surfing vacation, there are a few key places you should visit. These spots include Playa Hermosa, Pavones, Nosara, and Dominical. Each offers great waves and is a unique experience. These spots are all off the beaten path and are perfect for a family or romantic getaway.

Playa Hermosa

Playa Hermosa is easy to reach from San Jose. The coastal highway 34 connects San Jose to Jaco, and from here it’s about an hour’s drive to the beach. There are a couple of hotels and restaurants in town, but most amenities are in nearby Jaco.

The beach is protected by a wildlife refuge, and many sea turtles nest in the area. Early morning surfers are in luck, as they can get some good waves without having to share them with everyone else. But watch out for theft. It is an issue in CR, so it’s important to be aware of your belongings.

Plan your Costa Rica Surfing Vacation in Playa Hermosa beach.

The best time to surf in Playa Hermosa depends on your skill level. For experienced surfers, the rainy season is best. The waves are bigger and the swells are more consistent. Prices are also lower during this time of year. However, if you’re just starting out, you’ll probably want to visit in the dry season. In addition to the swells, the surf here is also less crowded.

There are a few places to get some food in Playa Hermosa. A few of the most popular options are Vida Hermosa Bar and Restaurant, Falafel Hermosa, Arenas Restaurant, and Rancho Tipico. There are also several surf camps here, which are popular with surfers.

You can also stay at a hostel close to the surf break. There are some affordable hostels that cater specifically to surfers. Prices range from $25 per person per night. However, during peak season, you can expect to pay as much as double that amount.

Playa Dominical

Dominical is the perfect place to spend a vacation. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced surfer, you are sure to find the perfect waves in this beach town. You will find a wide variety of surfing schools and other amenities here. This is the perfect place for families to visit for a relaxing surfing.

The waves in Playa Dominical are consistently strong and rarely drop below waist-high. The beaches here are well-protected by sandbars, which make for excellent surfing conditions. The 1.5-kilometer-long beach is not crowded and has multiple breaks. You can surf here all day long without worrying about crowds.

While Dominical does not have a five-star all-inclusive resort, there are many hotels, hostels, and vacation rentals. Camping is also a popular option in the area. You can even bring your own tent and sleep in the open air. The Villas Rio Mar, located just five minutes from the town center, has a restaurant and is a full-service hotel. Other options include the Piramys life hostel and Cool Vibes.

Playa Dominical is a less developed version of the more developed town of Jaco. This beach is surrounded by lush rainforest and is a must-see surf destination. Dominical offers the best surf conditions for experienced surfers. The waves here are powerful and high, but beginners should stick to the more accessible Uvita and Quepos beaches.

If you are traveling with a family, it is a good idea to stay at a hotel that offers good value and plenty of amenities. The Hotel Villas Rio Mar is a perfect place for families who want to spend their time on the beach.

Playa Avellanas

Playa Avellanas is famous for surfing, and it has a great location for beginners. There are seven different surf spots, all of which are close to each other and feature large waves. The biggest one, called Little Hawaii, can reach 12 feet on a good day. There are also smaller waves and pools that are perfect for boogie boarding.

Playa Avellanas has a reef break that packs big offshore waves, and is often called the “little Hawaii” of Costa Rica. The wave breaks here aren’t the best in every season, and you can expect onshore winds at times.

Nevertheless, there is no shortage of waves to choose from – even on a cross-shore wind. And the best time to surf is on a low to medium tide. In addition to its great popularity, Playa Avellanas is a white sand beach where peace and quiet is the key ingredients for a perfect vacation. The beach even has its own 400-pound pig who lives on the beach.

Playa Avellanas is one of the best surfing spots in the country. It has white sand, palm trees, and warm, clear water. It is popular with beginners and intermediate surfers alike and is a great alternative to Tamarindo.

The best time to surf Playa Avellanas is between December and April. The dry season lasts from December to April, when the swells are milder and more favorable. Beginners should choose this time of year if they want to enjoy good waves.

Playa Avellanas is one of the most popular surfing spots in Costa Rica. It offers a variety of surf breaks, including beach breaks, river mouth breaks, and reefs. During high tide, these waves are ideal for beginners, and during low tide the waves are ideal for experienced surfers.


If you want to experience the most relaxing surfing vacation in the world, consider spending it in Nosara, Costa Rica. This small beach town is nestled in the jungle and is home to a diverse community of surfers and expats. Nosara has won the attention of National Geographic and is known for its clean beaches, warm ocean breezes, and peaceful atmosphere.

This is the ideal place to relax and clear your chakras, while enjoying the many outdoor activities offered by the area.

The surfing in Nosara is fairly consistent, with several high-quality beach breaks that are bolstered by rock reefs and rivermouths. The north end of the town is home to Playa Ostional, which gets swells from the northwest and dominant SW swells. The water is hollow here, which makes for long, fast rides, and an abundance of sea turtles.

While surfing is the most popular activity in Nosara, there are also other ways to spend your day off. Kayak tours are a great way to explore the Nosara River. There are several operators that offer half-day and full-day tours of the river.

You can also rent a kayak by the hour at Drifter’s Kayaking. Another fun activity is canopy tours. You can take a tour through the rainforest and enjoy the view for three hours.

While Costa Rica has consistent surf year-round, December to April is the best time to catch waves in Nosara. During these months, the waves are often head-high and powerful. You should also expect strong currents and consistent wind conditions.

Punta Uva

If you’re looking for a surf-friendly beach, consider Punta Uva, Costa Rica. This secluded beach is known for its aquamarine waters and golden sand. It is also surrounded by lush jungle and coconut palms.

The beach is also bordered by the Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge, which helps protect the region’s tropical rainforest. It is also home to a variety of wildlife, including leatherback and loggerhead sea turtles.

Despite its prime location, Punta Uva isn’t overdeveloped and offers a relaxed atmosphere. The town has a few hotels, cabins, and small restaurants. It’s also close to grocery stores, banks, and nightlife in nearby towns. You can sample the diverse cuisine of this region by sampling its local specialties.

Punta Uva is a small beach town located on Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast. It offers a reef-front beach break with relatively consistent surf. In addition, offshore winds can occasionally bring groundswells. When waves are up, the best angle is from the northeast.

The beach also features a range of lefts and rights. During the right time of the year, Punta Uva can be busy in the water. Occasionally, jellyfish and rocks may be found in the surf.

Punta Uva is an excellent place for beginner surfers. Unlike other beaches in the country, Punta Uva’s secluded beach is surrounded by coral reef. This makes it an ideal location for beginners as well as more experienced surfers.

Beginners can learn to surf at the Punta Uva surf school or rent a board for the day. Beginners may also want to try stand-up paddle boarding, which is a great alternative to surfing.

Getting to Punta Uva is fairly easy and cheap. There are bus services available from the town of Manzanillo. You can also take a shuttle from Limon to Punta Uva.

Tamarindo Beach

Tamarindo hosts several national competitions every year, and the booming development has led to great restaurants and shops and a fun nightlife for surf-fans.

Tamarindo is quickly becoming a tourism hot spot, partially thanks to the surfing and the availability of eco-tours in an area that avoided attention for many years. Tamarindo Beach is also a great beginning surf beach.

Tamarindo is located in the Guanacaste Province along the Pacific Coast and is one the most popular beaches in Costa Rica. 4 ½ hours from San Jose, Tamarindo gets its name from the tamarind trees that line the coastline. Tamarindo is without a doubt the most popular beach in the province of Guanacaste. You will also find many expats living in Tamarindo.

You can find stunning hotels and and endless scene of bars and restaurants. Surfers love the laid-back vibe of the place while beach lovers delight in the crystal blue waters. There are also a variety of surf shops including the famous Witch’s Rock Surf Camp. The ocean is warm and the sun is hot year-round, ensuring an excellent atmosphere for relaxation and tanning.

The perfectly shaped coastline framed by magnificent palm trees is picture perfect. It is a greta place to enjoy a romantic sunset perhaps even while taking a horseback riding tour. You’ll never forget your visit to Playa Tamarindo.

Jaco Beach

To the north of Manuel Antonio National Park lies the small seaside town of Jacó, known for its hidden beaches, sportfishing, excellent surfing spots, and its unique position between the dry northern regions of the country and the tropical southern zone.

Between the natural beauty and the luxury accommodations, it’s no surprise Jaco is swiftly developing into a major tourist attraction. Whether you’re looking for a secluded hilltop hideaway, a family-friendly ocean resort, or a top surfing destination, the Central Pacific Coast may provide just what you’re looking for.

Many people come to Costa Rica to turn everything off and just relax. Others are looking to do a lot of activities, get out on the town, and of course take in the country’s famous beaches and lush jungle.

If the latter sounds like you, then Jaco may just be the perfect fit. In this post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about this popular central Pacific coast destination, including our picks for activities, beaches, restaurants, and hotels.