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Best Beaches

If you’re looking for the best beaches around the world, you have come to the right place. Here, you’ll learn about Dune du Pyla in France, Shoal Bay Antigua, and Glass Beach California. The Best Beaches awards are created by Dr. Beach, whose real name is Stephen P. Leatherman. This year, Hapuna Beach State Park won the prestigious Best Beach award in the United States. The Best Beaches awards will celebrate their 30th anniversary in 2021.

Dune du Pyla France

Located on the west coast of France, the Dune du Pyla is a 110 meter high sand dune. It is situated on the Bay of Biscay, about 70km from Bordeaux. It is one of the most unique natural attractions in France and is listed among the 30 Grand Sites of France. There are several paths leading up to the top of the dune, offering beautiful panoramic views of the Gironde and Banc d’Arguin.

The Dune du Pyla is Europe’s highest dune and is near the towns of Arcachon and Cote d’argent. You can experience barefoot ground handling and speed kicks as you whizz over the sand. The dune is so steep that you may not be able to climb it. However, you can spend your day enjoying the views and the activities that surround it.

The temperature at Dune du Pyla varies greatly depending on the season. In summer, you can expect a comfortable temperature of 22-35 degrees C and in winter, it can be very cold. The wind direction at the site is usually SW, WNW, or NW. If you are interested in kitesurfing, it is recommended that you visit during the warmer months.

Shoal Bay Antigua

Shoal Bay is one of the best beaches in Anguilla, a gorgeous spot with turquoise water and sand, and an abundance of coral gardens. This island also has several marine protected areas, so it is important to check local laws before anchoring your boat. If you plan to moor your boat on the beach, you must purchase a Mooring Permit in advance. This permit is valid for one day, so plan your trip accordingly.

This two-mile-long stretch of sand surrounded by towering palm trees is a prime location for swimming, snorkeling, and diving. If you’re looking for some thrills, there are even some glass bottom boat tours. These tours will allow you to see colorful fish in the water. There are plenty of places to sit and relax on the beach, too. There are also restaurants and accommodations nearby.

The two main beaches at Shoal Bay are divided into two parts, the upper and the lower, but the upper one is busier. It is where you’ll find a chain of retro bars, restaurants, and other establishments. This is also where you’ll find the best places to enjoy water sports. Lower Shoal Bay, on the other hand, is more secluded and quiet. You can spend your time relaxing on this beach, or you can take part in water sports and watch the sun go down.

Cala Saona Formentera

Cala Saona is one of Formentera’s best beaches, and there are several reasons to visit this picturesque spot. For one, it has a picturesque setting and is surrounded by pine and juniper forests. The pine trees smell like thyme and rosemary, and you can take a relaxing stroll along the country trails.

This picturesque location is a popular spot for walking enthusiasts, and the red cliffs of the area contrast beautifully with the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean.

If you’d prefer to stay closer to the beach, you should visit Ses Illetes. This beautiful sandy beach is part of a natural park and is accessible from Els Pujols and La Savina port. You can walk down the beach from either town, and it’s free to enter. There are around 300 parking spaces, but motorbikes and cars will have to pay a small fee. To get around, local buses stop near the beach.

Cala Saona is one of Formentera’s most popular beaches, although it can get crowded during the summer months. The Hotel Cala Saona is located at the entrance of the cove, and it offers all the services you could possibly need for a perfect family day at the beach.

Glass Beach California

Glass Beach is a treasure trove for sea glass lovers. It’s also home to magical coves that house rarer forms of glass and pottery. Hiking and tide-pooling at low tide are other fun activities at Glass Beach. This beach is an important historical site; the 1906 earthquake rattled the ground and shook buildings in Fort Bragg. It also caused fires, pushed garbage into the sea and destroyed some homes.

Glass Beach is located just off Highway 1 in Northern California. You can visit the town via a short drive down Glass Beach Drive. You can also visit MacKerricher State Park. For more information about this state park, visit California State Parks. If you have a car, consider taking a road trip to Glass Beach or other hidden California beaches.

Glass Beach is comprised of three small, narrow beaches. These beaches are covered with millions of colorful sea glass. The creation of this phenomenon dates back to years of dumping trash along coastlines. Three local dump sites are responsible for creating the unique sand and sea glass at Glass Beach.

Starfish Beach Panama

A day trip to Starfish Beach is a great way to spend a few hours in Panama. This beach is known for its giant starfish, which often swim near the shore. However, it is important not to touch them, as this could cause serious harm to the animals. If you are planning to spend the day here, be sure to visit some of the restaurants that are located along the beach. You can also find sloths hanging out in the treetops.

This popular beach is located in the Bocas del Toro province of Panama. It is a large and clean beach with many small restaurants and bars. The water is calm and crystal clear for most of the year. However, the beach can be crowded, so be prepared for the crowd. There are several options for transportation, including colectivo buses and water taxis.

Starfish Beach is an excellent choice for families with young children or those who want to enjoy a postcard-perfect beach. The water is shallow and protected from the waves by the nearby Isla Colon.

Fakistra Greece

Fakistra is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. The pristine blue waters and faultless sand make it one of the best beaches to enjoy a swim while in Greece. The location is also a great spot for those looking to relax in complete privacy. The best time to visit is during the dawn or dusk, when the sand is still pristine and the views are spectacular.

The easiest way to get to Fakistra is via Tsangarada. The road to Fakistra stretches for six kilometers, with a small parking lot at the end. The walk to Fakistra takes around 15 minutes, with some sections being steep. On the way, you’ll see the Hidden School and the church of Panagia Megalomata.

To access the beach, you’ll have to walk for around 15 minutes, but the view is spectacular. The best time to visit Fakistra is early in the morning. The water is crystal clear, and snorkeling is popular around the rocks on the left side of the beach. In addition, you’ll also find plenty of shady spots in between the rocks.

Flamenco Beach Puerto Rico

When you visit Flamenco Beach, Puerto Rico, you might be surprised to find that the beach is also home to tanks. These large military tanks were abandoned on the beach after the U.S. Navy used it as a target practice site. The locals protested this, so the military moved to the sister island of Vieques. But you can still spot these tanks, which are decorated with local art.

The beach is quite spacious and there are many places to hang out and enjoy the views. Popular activities include beach volleyball and football. The area is also a breeding ground for sea turtles. It also has some interesting sights, including a rusted Sherman tank, partially entombed in the sand. Local graffiti artists have painted the rusting tanks. The beach is warmest from November to March.

The beach is renowned for its beauty and is rated as one of the best in the Caribbean. It is also one of the few beaches in Culebra with amenities, including changing rooms and bathrooms. It also has a kiosk where you can grab a snack or drink. Families with children will find this beach ideal as the waters are shallow enough for small children to swim with their parents.

Koh Kradan Thailand

Located in the South of Thailand, Koh Kradan is an idyllic island destination that is only 4 square kilometers in size. Travelling to this beautiful island is a fantastic experience and you can enjoy a variety of fun activities during your stay. You can spend a day exploring the island’s best beaches and snorkeling is a great activity to do.

Koh Kradan is a small island that is located 13 kilometres off the coast of Trang province. It has only one main beach and a couple of resorts. While you can spend the whole day lying on the sand, there is also a small section on the beach where you can board a snorkel boat and explore the waters.

These boats usually dock between 11am and 3pm and stay in one section of the beach, so you can walk a few minutes down the beach to reach the other side.

If you want to go further, you can visit other islands of the Andaman sea by speedboat or ferries. You can book these tickets through a travel agency near Trang. Because there are no roads and motorized vehicles on the island, it is best to explore the island by foot. You can also hike through the central section of the island, if you have time.