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Costa Rico, No Artificial Ingredients!

Date Added: August 13, 2008 10:46:17 AM
Author: M Gravlee
Category: Central America: Costa Rica
Any sort of vacation or trip to the beautiful country of Costa Rico represents an excellent travel decision on your part. If you have selected to voyage to Costa Rico for your next vacation trip then chances are excellent that you have an interest in beach related activities. As such it is important that you understand that Costa Rico is readily known for its amazing beaches.

Upon reaching your destination you will discover the Guanacaste coastline. This coastline is a very beautiful location which has the nickname of “Golden Coast.” Once you visit this coastline you will quickly realize why this particular area is referred to as the Golden Coast. Here you happen to be provided a view of one of the most pristine beaches you will come across in Costa Rico. It is pure and clean with water so clear you can easily see fish swimming along the edge f the waterline. So popular is the Guanacase coastline that it is known the world over for having the largest number of beach resorts in Costa Rico. Tourists flock to this coast for days or even weeks in an effort to enjoy the coastal activities which makes this coast the most popular destination within the Costa Rico area.

Another popular location where you would enjoy visiting is Montezuma. When you travel to Montezuma you will encounter nature at her very best. Here you can see Mother Nature on a face to face basis. Montezuma is located around Nicoya. If you wish to enjoy the natural culture of the country by residing in a small local type hotel during your stay then Montezuma is the town to visit as there is an abundance of small family owned hotels in the area waiting to show you some Costa Rican hospitality.

While residing in one of Montezuma’s small hotels you may wish to consider a side visit to the Cabo Blanco National Park. This park is centered amongst the many hotels in Montezuma making your trip to it quick and easy. Many times one can walk the short distance without difficulty.

Often as we watch television we catch a glimpse of an advertisement offering a trip to Costa Rico. All of that may appear as a dream to the majority of use however it really is not that costly to travel there. This dream can easily be fulfilled by a simple internet search and wisely comparing the resultant costs.

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