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The United States (US)

Date Added: July 01, 2008 01:55:11 PM
Author: M Gravlee
Category: United States
When discussing what to do and where to go in The United States ones accept a large order. We are talking about 50 states and there is simply no way to combine all this information in such a short amount of space. Instead I have decided to break it down into a bit size portion and concentrate upon only a single aspect of this great country.

I would like to introduce you to a local event found in the State of Delaware known as Nanticoke Riverfest. Every year in July, the city of Seaford Delaware schedules a celebration in honor of their local river the Nanticoke, which was appropriately named after a local Native American tribe. Activities for this celebration include a float-in, kayak and canoe races, a Duck Dash, the traveling carnival, children’s fishing tournament, rides down the Nanticoke river on a Pontoon boat, The Little Miss pageant and several local and national bands and entertainers that perform just about none stop.

During the activities one of the highlights of the celebration is centered on the Native American dances that are reputed to originate from the “spirits and souls of our great nations”. These Native American dances are extremely vivid; they are alive with action and reflect the tribal heritage as well as the personal style of the dancers. Each of the dancer’s display the graceful steps that portray a tale acted out to the beat of a drum and shows the traditional movements associated with such dances. All the dancers proudly wear and display the traditional regalia which tend to embody their tribal ancestry and affiliation.

Should you have the opportunity to observe these talented dancers listen and watch attentively as the dancers move in Unisom with each beat of the drum. Observe the Powwow Master of Ceremony as he emcees and guides each of the dancers. His goal is to keep the program moving freely and smoothly. During the dancing activities the Master of Ceremonies will explain many of the various traditions associated with the dances. Occasionally he may possibly inject a bit of Native American humor into the program boasting the entertainment to even higher elements of delight.

An experienced emcee bonds the program with the audience and is usually assisted by the Arena Director that has the responsibility to organize dancers and maintain the immediate dance circle.

In addition to the Nanticoke Native American dancers additional activities include free visits to the Seaford Museum, sales of various craft items, and informational booths by non-profit organizations such as Red Cross or the Dover Disaster Preparedness organization. There is much that one can find to do during these several days of continuous activities and one would be wise to try and attend this celebration.

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