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Brazil or Brasil?

Date Added: July 01, 2008 01:50:09 PM
Author: M Gravlee
Category: South America: Brazil
Usually when tourist judge the country of Brazil for its appealing characteristics one tends to assume more on the lines of their imposing soccer team or possibly an area of the rain forest but by no means the creation of magnificent gourmet foods. Well my friend, I have some attention-grabbing news for you. Brazil will wake up any tired taste buds and entice any idol palate you may have with its roast suckling pig, or its extensive selection of goat cheeses, the strange but tasty guava ice cream or perhaps with its natural sugar cane alcohol.

Minas Gerais in Brazil is a state that has become renowned for its unique cuisine. While in this area you must appraise the native favorites such as feijão tropeiro or tutu which are inclined to emphasize ingredients such as meat, beans and kale in place of the anticipated coconut milk or seafood which is most rampant along the Brazilian coast. This area of Brazil is also legendary for the cheese it formulates and the tropical sweets made from the natural sugar cane grown in the country.

Within the confines of Tiradentes one can find a condensed collect of baroque churches, many cobblestone streets, an abundance of flower gardens as well as an artists' studio. This small town of only 6000 residence is easily navigated on foot.

Another area that is conveniently situated at the hub formed by Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte and São Paulo is the city of Tiradentes. During the weekend this district is a hectic town with people being lured by the magnificent 18th century architecture amidst the peaceful mountain backdrop. It has only been of recent origins that this Brazilian town has been decreed as one of Brazil’s better culinary centers.

So involved are the citizens within this city with the culinary arts that it appears like every second doorway within this historical centre leads to some sort of restaurant, café or bar. Upon sunset it doesn’t take long before the streets are bustling with movement as people rush to the various eateries to settle their culinary desires.

An interesting feature of this community is the immense number of “artisanal cachaca” which are prepared locally. The number has recently approached the 500 mark. For those who do not know, the cachaça is fire water. This esophagus burning concoction is a distillation created from the local sugar cane and is usually toned down a bit for the foreign visitors by the addition of extra sugar, some ice and slices of lime. While the Brazilians may drink it straight foreigners find it a little strong to say the least.

It has recently taken on the respect that was previously reserved for fine European wines and it is common now to locate tasting rooms which are locally known as cachaçarias, where one can leisurely sample shots of this uniquely flavor product.

So as many foreign visitors have discovered there is more to the Brazilian culinary taste then one would normally expect. When visiting this amazing country of contrasts make certain that you try some of their excellent food and drink.

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