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London England

Date Added: July 01, 2008 01:42:33 PM
Author: M Gravlee
Category: Europe: England
As my aircraft completed its final approach to Heathrow Airport, I glanced out of the porthole to scrutinize this area of London prior to making our landing. The grass below was a very green shade such as I no longer visualized in America. It tended to endow a calming impact as we descended the cloud cover of the airport.

If you have never traveled to England and London in particular you are in for a pleasurable surprise. Not only are the people exceptionally friendly and cordial but the city itself presents a majestic attitude. Whether you are married with a family or a single young person there is always adequate events to keep you occupied.

If you happen to be married and bringing your family to London for the first time there are several family orientated areas that are always at the top of the children’s list of “To Do’s”.

The first item is the London Zoo. This biological collection has over 12000 species of mammals, reptiles, birds, insects and fish. Here at the zoo you can witness the world’s largest lizard in existence, the Komodo dragon. During their feeding time you will be amazed at how they rip their food apart in an effort to eat it as fast as they can. When you visit the zoo at feeding time the keepers will enlighten you many interesting facts concerning the various animals on display. It tends to keep children occupied for hours at a time.

Within the city of London you can visit the Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood. This house maintains a collection of various toys, a large collection of dolls plus the dolls' houses, many children's dress-up costumes and a vast selection of antique nursery items. On the weekend they host a selection of programs specifically geared to young people. It is well worth a visit with your children.

The Science Museum located in London proper holds one of the world's most comprehensive collections of science, medicine and technology memorabilia. The major features include the Space Gallery where future astronauts can witness the US Apollo 10 command module. Nearby in the Welcome Wing you can enjoy “Digitopolis”, an interesting and entertaining glance at the state of modern technology with the IMAX cinema. The interactive Launch Pad is always popular with children of all ages.

The various activities and events could go on endlessly for London as this is truly a city of activity and enjoyable activities at that. Don’t pass up the opportunity to take your children to London with you on a vacation as there are plenty of things for them to do.

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