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Europe Vacation Travel Guide

Date Added: July 01, 2008 01:35:40 PM
Author: M Gravlee
Category: Europe
Europe covers a lot of territory so when planning a visit to this fabulous continent one must be especially detailed in what they plan to see or do. Regardless of which country in Europe you decide to vacation in you can rest assured that you will receive a wholesome amount of old fashion hospitality when you arrive.

I myself have enjoyed the friendship and generosity of the Iberian Peninsula region and in particular the country of Spain. Here I found the people to be especially friendly and more then willing to go out of their way for visitors traveling to their country. Here is a country where you can encounter lots of activities to keep members of all ages occupied for days at a time. The evenings in Spain are like no other anywhere else on the planet. You can take the family and enjoy the companionship of other folks in the local bars tasting the various “Tapas” and drinking a glass or two of Spanish homemade wine. The area is a definite place to visit.

Another European country that I found to be pleasant was Germany. Here you can visit numerous medieval castles and top off your day with some Spatzle and Bratwurst flushed down with a mug of homemade beer. Every bar and restaurant seems to create their own beer and just the sampling of each represents a delight to the beer drinkers in any family. Especially delightful is watching the bar maids pour the beer into the mugs. Don’t even consider doing it the way we do in America. They dispense it in such a manner as to create a large foam head. It’s really rather flavorsome that way.

Next on our list of “To visit places” has to be Athens Greece. Here you can enjoy the Mediterranean Sea nearby while sampling many of the Greek foods in the seaside restaurants. Of particular note is the Mousaka. I tried this and found that it to be a very delightful eggplant meal.

One can go on and on as to the virtues of the various locations in Europe such as Paris, Lisbon, Moscow and a host of other famous and not so famous cities but the only way to really enjoy these localities is to go there and travel around. Visit the old cobblestone roads in Paris and stop in at the old shops along the way. Pay special tribute to many of the coffee shops of Rome. You simply need to visit these places to appreciate them to their fullest.

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