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Visiting The USA

Date Added: June 29, 2008 04:04:08 PM
Category: United States
  by: Jonathan Williams

Covering the midsection of the Northern American Continent, United States of America offers a wide range of options of tourist sites to make you enjoy your stay in The Land of Opportunities. Pack your bags, fasten your seatbelts and get ready for one great American adventure. Here’s a list of where you could go in US.

1.) Statue of Liberty

France gave US more than just a gift of American Independence. The Statue of Liberty has now become a monumental sight that inspires not only US citizens but those tourists who happen to glance at this magnificent piece of art. Sadly, now you can’t go inside the Statue anymore because of concerns that stems from 9/11 hijacking.

2.) The Grand Canyon

Head for Arizona and be intimidated by the sheer depth and heft of The Grand Canyon. Be humbled by its size, timelessness and tranquil atmosphere. Take on the Grand Canyon Challenge and explore the roads, trails and turbulent waters in this side of Colorado.

3.) Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park is one of the first wilderness parks developed in the United States. Located in Sierra Nevada in California, this park is recognized for its scenic waterfalls, crystal streams, majestic sequoias, granite cliff, and ecological diversity. Find your way past the 3.5 million tourists that visit the site every year.

4.) Glacier National Park

Traverse pristine wilderness and be amazed by the sheer force of nature by visiting Glacier National Park located at the northwest corner of Montana along the Rocky Mountains. With a wide variety of outdoor activities to choose from, both in water and in land, boredom only sets in when you’re ready to go home. Enjoy camping, swimming, boating, skiing, hiking, and horseback riding while you enjoy the sun, the ice and water that helped much develop the park we know today.

5.) Central Park

This 843-acre patch of green in the midst of towering edifices of Manhattan is a sanctuary from the busy streets of New York. Visit Central Park and discover the Strawberry Fields, Jacqueline Kennedy Reservoir, daily performance in Delacorte Theatre, Concerts in the Great lawn, and more. Rent a carriage and discover the park on horse-drawn wheels.

6.) Mount Rushmore National Park

On the side of the Black Hills lies a majestic site that attracts some three million people a day. Bearing the faces of Presidents Washington Jefferson, Lincoln, and Roosevelt and measuring some 18-m in length, Mount Rushmore National Park is a site worthy of a visit. Come here and be struck with awe with the sheer expertise of the team that carved these faces from the walls of the mountain.

7.) Las Vegas

Live the life of a hotshot gambler for a night, and walk around the city not only to gamble but to admire the sheer beauty of this place. Feast your eyes out with high stakes, great atmosphere and beautiful people. Imposing casinos like the Excalibur Palace not only speaks of high rollers but of great architecture as well.

8.) Hawaii

Plunge right down Hawaii and be greeted with flower garlands and alohas. Be captivated by Hawaii’s hospitality and innate beauty. Enjoy the sun while sitting down and relaxing in this worldly paradise.

9.) Arizona Meteor Crater

The sheer size of the crater commands awe from people who see it. Find guides to help you down the crater and tell you stories about space, meteors and intergalactic probabilities. Shops are also available nearby, selling pieces of the meteors, t-shirts, photographs, and other gift items.

10.) Niagara Falls

Be mesmerized by the thundering waters and mist sprays of Niagara Falls. Right in the border of Canada and New York, Niagara Falls remains a site for lovers, poets and adventurers to visit. Learn how this waterfall evolves from a military post, a trade center and into the top tourist destination by visiting its thunderous waters.

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