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Going Fishing in Canada

Date Added: June 29, 2008 03:52:34 PM
Category: Canada
by: Rick Chapo

The pike is an incredibly aggressive, vicious little bugger that makes for great fights. Canada Northern Pike angling is a great way to experience your first Pike battle.

Going Piking in Canada

Angling is a perfect hobby for people who enjoy sporting events and relaxing at the same time. Many areas in North America are perfect for freshwater angling, and Canada is home to a lot of these areas. Canada has plenty of native freshwater fish that are great for catching and releasing, or catching and eating! One of the more popular fish that is available in this area is the Northern Pike, and Canada Northern Pike angling can be the basis for an enjoyable outdoor vacation.

The Northern Pike (scientific name Esox lucius) is a fish that is native to the fresh and brackish water of the entire northern hemisphere. Brackish water is freshwater that has a higher salt content than normal, but is not salty enough to be considered saltwater. The Northern Pike is a carnivorous fish, and it tends to eat anything small enough to be caught, including ducklings and other Northern Pikes (it is a cannibalistic fish, which helps to keep its population in check). Not considered a good eating fish due to many bones in its flesh, most Northern Pikes are caught for sport and then released.

In Canada, Northern Pike angling is a very popular sport. Reindeer Lake, located in Saskatchewan, Canada, is one location where many fishermen go to indulge in this pastime. The Lawrence Bay Lodge, on Reindeer Lake, offers a great starting point for your trip. This lodge not only has accommodations for your comfort, but also 18' angling boats and Cree Indian angling guides to help you find the best places for the area's huge Northern Pike. Reindeer Lake is known by many fishermen all over the world as the best place for Northern Pike, and fish caught here are regularly between 40 and 53 inches long, and weigh up to 35 pounds! Since the fish here are caught and then released, you have the opportunity to catch one of these monsters yourself.

Canada Northern Pike angling offers experienced and novice fishermen a great area to catch some of these fish. Canada also offers angling for many other species – so whether you want to catch and release, or eat your fish, there's a species for you in Canada. While on Reindeer Lake, be sure to look for the other types of fish available here, such as walleye, Arctic Grayling (a perfect trophy fish because of its beauty) and Lake Trout. An angling trip to this area is a great escape for any outdoors person.

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