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Successful Web Directory Submissions

Date Added: March 22, 2010 09:45:46 PM
Author: M Gravlee
Category: Link Directories
The search engines are known to drive the most amount of traffic towards a website, at least compared to a web directory, but that shouldn't be a reason not to use web directory submissions. Some little light on web directories can help you make that informed decision to be able to know how to use them to the success of your online business.

Typically, when an Internet surfer goes into a web directory to browse, they do so for a specific reason, unlike using the search engines. The surfer is looking for specific information and has a very high chance of finding that information on the directory than when using the search engines. This will mean that the web directory has more targeted traffic which translates to a good chance of conversion on your services and/or products.

The search engines on the other hand have placed a very high value on link directories for the simple reason that they are human edited i.e. the links are reviewed and censored by humans before being categorized and sub categorized into their relevant niche markets. As such, web directories become the most trusted sources of information thus giving your website a sort of direct endorsement to the search engine spiders.

Guidelines for directory submissions

  • Keep a record of your submissions and organize the log by name of the directory and date of submission. This way, you can keep track of the listings already published and those not yet to help avoid multiple submissions. Once you confirm a listing, go ahead and record the date for future reference.

  • Always select the most relevant category and subcategories to make the human editor’s work easier and for accurately categorizing your website. As a result, you will increase the chances of the website getting reviewed quicker and the search engines will be able to identify the niche of your website easily and give more value to the link because of its niche relevance.

  • Always give correct information by double checking before submitting. Some of the things to look and ensure accurate information include the email, name, description, title, URL, Meta tags etc. 

  • By the same token, double check your site before submitting it and check for such things as missing images, spelling errors, typos, broken links etc. All these items are indicators of a scantily maintained website to the visitors.

  • Always follow-up to see if you have already been listed. This you can do by simply conducting a search using the directory’s search function. If it is a paid listing, the review process lasts for a few days but for free listings, you must exercise utmost patience as the process can be as long as six months.

It is generally agreed among pundits that submitting your site to quality web directories is the surest way to get natural backlinks or one way links to your site. Site submission to web directories is something that you can do personally with some little knowledge of the task or better still hire a professional to do it for you. Whichever way you find economical and best for you, it is highly recommended that you submit manually so that you can create exclusivity of the submissions.

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M Gravlee is a retired newspaper publisher who spends several months a year traveling.

More free travel articles.

M Gravlee is a retired newspaper publisher who spends several months a year traveling.

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